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Edema States

Edema is swelling that occurs when too much fluid is trapped in the tissues of the body, particularly the skin.
There are different causes and types of edema. For example, pulmonary edema affects the lungs, while pedal edema causes swelling in the feet.
Edema usually starts slowly, but onset can be sudden. It is a common condition, but it can also be a sign of a serious condition.
This article will explain what edema is and how to recognize it, as well as the different types of and treatments for edema. It will also look at possible complications of the condition.


Symptoms depend on the underlying cause, but swelling, tightness, and pain are common.

  • Swollen, stretched, and shiny skin
  • Skin that retains a dimple after a few seconds of pressure
  • Puffiness of the ankles, face, or eyes
  • Aching body parts and stiff joints
  • Weight gain or weight loss